Carpet Masters of California

A full service Carpet & Upholstery Restoration Company
in Santa Clarita Valley, California.

Owned and Operated by
Randy Womer
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Sean Tucker
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We are not The Carpet Masters that robocalls for potential clientele.
"We can't work miracles, but we can do the impossible."
  • Randy and Sean use a 16" drag wand to clean carpets.
  • We use emulsifier detergent with color brighteners, disinfectants and deodorizers.
  • Truck mount cleaning uses water that is heated to 200 degrees and 500 PSI for a deep clean (preferred method), vs. portable cleaning which is hot tap water, and 150 PSI maximum.
"If not for kids and animals, we would not be in business."

Randy and Sean are highly experienced with all upholstery fabrics.

"If we can't get it clean, no one can!"

Randy has 35 years of experience with stretching and all repairs.

"We have pride in our workmanship, we will treat your home as we would our own."

Water damage restoration.

Randy and Sean will extract the water, remove damaged padding, set fans, and disinfect.

After the carpet is dry they will install new padding, reinstall carpet and steam clean and disinfect the damaged areas.

"All without tearing your walls and baseboards apart."

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I have used their service many times and they do an Amazing job. They are on time, communicate well with you, are friendly, kind and helpful on the job. As long as I have carpet, they will be the ones I call to clean them. They also cleaned my sectional couch and they pay very close attention to detail in getting out any spots. They even cleaned my throw pillows and They threw in my dining room chair cushions as well. They are the best!!!

Leslie S.

I have used Randy and Sean numerous times for both my home and my commercial business space. They do a great job and are reasonably priced. Plus they are friendly and punctual. I highly recommend Carpet Masters!

Nancy M.
Thank you for your trust.
"A referral of family and friends is the highest compliment you can give."

For the fastest service, call us!

Offices in Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, and Mission Hills

Randy Womer
(818) 590-1762
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Sean Tucker
(818) 590-2651
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"We will exceed your expectations!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the dry time?

    Depending on thickness of the carpet and how dirty the carpets are, we always say 10-24 hours dry time. Air circulation (fans) will cut the dry time in half. This is not a superficial cleaning process, it is a deep clean, therefore the carpets are free of dirt and soap residue. They will stay clean for a longer period of time. Upholstery takes only a few hours.

  2. How do I treat spots in between professional cleanings?

    Any spot cleaning solution that lathers up is a no, no. You are putting soap in your carpet that you cannot remove. The spot gets bigger because soap attracts dirt off your shoes. We recommend that you put 3 spoonfuls of electric dishwasher detergent in a 1 quart sprayer and fill with water. When you need to get a spot or spill out, shake well and douse a white washcloth, wring it out and heat in microwave for 60 seconds. Put hot cloth over spot and push down firmly and repeat until spot is gone. You are not loading your carpet with soap and dishwasher detergent is a great cleaner.

  3. What type of carpet should I put in when time to replace?

    Any material except polyester! Polyester does not clean well and in the traffic areas it looks 10 years old in 1 year.